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Since 2011 the Port Augusta community has been fighting for a just transition to solar thermal in Port Augusta creating new clean jobs and delivering solar power day and night.

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I support replacing Port Augusta's coal  generators with large-scale solar thermal and wind energy plants, not gas.  We can provide the equivalent 24-hour base-load electricity from clean, renewable sources and:

  • Create 1800 jobs
  • Save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions annually
  • Lead the switch to a renewable energy economy
  • Eliminate the serious health impacts of coal and gas
  • Ensure more stable electricity prices for South Australians


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For interview or media enquiries contact
Daniel Spencer 0423 865 632 or
Repower Port Augusta in the News:

The Transcontinental 16/4/2020 - Final Push for Solar Thermal

ABC 14/4/2020 - Solar Thermal Push Continues for Port Augusta Power Station

Update: Parliamentary briefing and the Repower Port Augusta local group

We are very excited about the formation of the Repower Port Augusta Alliance. Although we are still in the process of formalising the alliance, key groups already making a great contribution include;  The Port Augusta Regional Council, CLEAN SA, BZE, the SA branch of AYCC, SACC and 100% Renewable. Also, a special mention for Terry McBride from BZE and Paracan who is a one man community organising powerhouse!

Youth energetic for solar power station

Repowering Port Augusta – Time for SA to turn solar


Repowering Port Augusta – Time for SA to turn solar

Update from Mark Ogge, Strategic Director at BZE

What a great week! Thanks to the people of Adelaide and Port Augusta for coming out in support of Repowering Port Augusta.


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