Repowering Port Augusta – Time for SA to turn solar


Repowering Port Augusta – Time for SA to turn solar

1800 jobs, better health and huge emissions savings  

A detailed plan to create 1800 jobs, save over 100 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and alleviate the terrible health problems in Port Augusta is being launched tonight at Adelaide University.

Mark Ogge from the renewable energy think-tank, Beyond Zero Emissions, (BZE) has launched the highly anticipated Repowering Port Augusta report which presents the compelling economic, health and environmental case for replacing Port Augusta’s ageing brown coal power stations with base-load solar thermal power.

Accounting for 40 percent of South Australia’s energy needs, Repowering Port Augusta is an opportunity for SA to lead the nation in building renewable industries and providing clean, secure jobs.

“Replacing the power stations with renewable energy will create 1800 jobs, improve the health of the local community, provide lower and more stable energy prices and will save 100-200 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the project,  compared to gas or coal ” BZE’s Strategic Director Mark Ogge said today.

“Doctors for the Environment Australia, power station owner Alinta Energy, Port Augusta City Council and Mayor Joy Baluch all back solar thermal power as their preferred option for replacing the coal-fired power plants in Port Augusta. “

Mayor Baluch said that both gas and coal will damage the health of her community.

“The health of the people in Port Augusta has been affected by this coal-fired power station for the last 40 years and statistics prove this. We need to see solar thermal energy developed in South Australia and for us to become world leaders in this renewable energy. Certainly gas is not the answer.”

“We have support from doctors in the AMA that substantiate it is the burning of Lee Creek coal that has affected the health of this city,” Mayor Baluch said today.

Mr Ogge said this is an exciting opportunity for South Australians.

“We hope this new, extensive report will encourage the people of South Australia, their unions, elected representatives and the business community, to actively get behind the proposal to consolidate South Australia’s place as a world leader in renewable energy,” he said.


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