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Repower Port Augusta in the News:

The Transcontinental 16/4/2020 - Final Push for Solar Thermal

ABC 14/4/2020 - Solar Thermal Push Continues for Port Augusta Power Station

The Transcontinental 2/4/2020 - Repower Port Augusta's Plea to Rowan Ramsey

ABC 2/4/2020 - Repower Port Augusta Urges MP Support for CEFC

The Transcontinental 22/1/2021 - Solar Thermal Progress

The Transcontinental 31/7/2020 - Still Fighting for Solar

Adelaide Now 24/07/2020 - Alinta's bid for funds to transform Port Augusta's coal-fired power stations rejected by ARENA

ABC 24/07/2020 - Alinta fails to win federal baking for solar-thermal plan for Port Augusta

The Transcontinental 03/07/2020 - Locals Call for Solar Thermal

Adelaide Now 06/06/13 - Let's power ahead with solar options

Energy Matters 14/12/12 -  Solar Funding Evokes Mixed Reactions

Where I live - Westmead climate change campaigner Terry McBride wins a NSW Nature Conservation Council award
Adelaide Now 22/11/12 - High praise for Port Augusta solar hub plan at Civic Trust's annual Awards and Brickbats
Energy Matters 08/11/12 - Alinta Energy Angers Solar Supporters
Stock Journal 11/10/12 - Politicians blind to the light
Where I live - Long walk with Australian Youth Climate Coalition in support of renewable energy
Channel 7 News: Solar Power Passion Powers Walk
ABC 1/10/12 - Push for solar thermal energy
Energy Matters 01/10/12 - Dr. Karl On Solar Power : 'What's Not To Like?'
Channel 10 30/09/12 - Walk for Solar
Adelaide Now 30/09/12 - Port Augusta supporters walk to Adelaide to show support for solar power plant
Energy Matters 27/09/12 - Rally for Solar In South Australia this Sunday
The Mercury 18/09/12 - Walking for the planet
ABC 18/09/12 - Walkers urge power stations' conversion
Energy Matters 18/09/12 - 80 Walking 300 Kilometres for Solar In South Australia
ABC - Walking for solar opportunity
Knox Weekly 13/06/12 - Tintern summit to give students the power to repower
Adelaide Now 27/08/12 - BHP Billiton's decision to shelve its Olympic Dam expansion shines light on the north
Design Build Source 15/08/12 - Could Solar Thermal Power be coming to Port Augusta?
The Transcontinental 15/08/12 - City Stars in second doco
ABC News 09/08/12 - Dick Smith urges federal funds for big solar
The Transcontinental 8/08/12 - Minister's 'open mind' to solar
ABC News 2/08/12 - Minister on solar thermal fact-finding tour

Solar Server 26/07/12 - Repower Port Augusta pushes for concentrating solar thermal power plant in South Australia

The Transcontinental 25/07/12 - Landslide decision in local vote

ABC News - Weatherill Touts Mining Boom Benefits

ABC News - Solar thermal plan for coal-fired power station

The Transcontinental 25/07/12 - Alinta says yes to Solar
The Transcontinental 25/07/12 - Students get behind the Cause
Farm Online 24/07/12 - Port Augusta pushes for renewable energy
ABC News 23/07/12 - Port Augusta backs Solar Thermal Power
The Transcontinental 18/07/12 - Solar or Gas?
Green Left 13/07/12 - Port Augusta to vote on a solar power future
The Transcontinental 10/07/12 - Proposal director talks to Business Port Augusta
Recharge 19/06/12 - Cost is the biggest hurdle as Australia's CSP challenge hots up
The Courier 07/06/12 - Solar lobby heads to Canberra
Helio Scsp 25/05/12 - Concentrating Solar Thermal Power to Repower Port Augusta
ABC News 22/05/12 - Locals Lobby for Renewable Power
4-Traders 07/05/12 - Australian Greens : Clean Energy Act inspires Port Augusta to swap coal for solar
Cleantechnica 3/05/12 - The State of Commercial Solar Power in Australia
ReNew Economy 3/05/12 – Can Solar Thermal Compete on Costs with Wind?
Nine MSN – Falling GST to Hit SA Hard
ReNew Economy 3/05/13 – Solar Thermal Can Cure What Ails Port Augusta
Radio National Breakfast 3/05/12 – New Analysis of Port Augusta Pollution Contradicts SA Government
ABC News 3/05/12 – Lung Cancer Alarm Near Coal Fired Power Stations
Business Spectator – Solar Power Would Boost Port Augusta
Weekly Times Now 20/04/12 – Solar Push for Port Augusta

Energy Matters 20/04/12 - Repower Port Augusta with Solar and Wind: Blueprint

REVE Spain 20/04/12 - Concentrated Solar Power would Boost Port Augusta (Australia)

Utility Products News
Eco-Business News 19/04/12 - Report Sheds Light on Power Stations' Solar Potential
Yahoo News
ABC North West 19/04/12 - Report Sheds Light on Power Stations' Solar Potential 
Nine MSN – Solar Power would Boost Port Augusta: BZE
ABC Online 19/04/2020 – Report Sheds Light on Power Stations Solar Potential
Radio National AM 19/04/12 – Federal Government Under Pressure to Close Polluting Power Stations
Adelaide Now 30/12/11 - Ogge: Replacing Coal Smoke with Mirrors


Stateline 28/10/11 - Port Augusta Looks to New Power Source
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