Call on Jay Weatherill and Steven Marshall to Commit to Solar Thermal

“The Committee believes that there is a strong need for Federal and State Governments to

develop sound, co-ordinated energy policy that includes CST research and development” - Select Committee on the Port Augusta Power Stations Interim Report.


This week the State Government enquiry into solar thermal in Port Augusta released its report to the parliament. Despite not going as far as we had hoped and recommending a model of funding, the Committee importantly recognised the need for state and federal government action, making now a critical moment for us to step up to act.


With Federal uncertainty looming over renewable energy policy, we know that for this joint action to happen we need our state politicians to take the initiative and lead. But just three months out from a state election we do not know what commitment Jay Weatherill and Steven Marshall will make to ensure solar thermal is built if they are elected.


Can you call their offices and ask them to commit to co-funding solar thermal in Port Augusta with the Federal Government?


We’ve put together these talking points to make it easy:

  • The committee’s report is a good step but now we need action. The state government can play a critical role in leading this action by supporting a power purchase agreement to guarantee a competitive power price at a modest cost to the state of up to $10 million a year

  • Solar thermal would support a new manufacturing industry, something critical for the state right now.

  • The communities of Port Augusta and South Australia want to see that happen, we need to know what commitment you will make before we vote in March

Jay Weatherill: 08 8463 3166

Steven Marshall: 08 8237 9295

Thank you, please let us know how you go by emailing

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