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Michael (the hat man) Kubler's walk for solar thermal

Hi I'm Michael Kubler an activist, photographer, film maker and web developer. I helped setup the community in Port Augusta and I want to ensure that Australian's have access to abundant, cheap energy. Should the coal fired power stations be replaced with Gas then the cost of electricity will skyrocket over time. Not to mention the fracking of the Cooper Basin which will destroy large area's of the environment and pollute the ground water. The choice is obvious, renewable energy goes down in price over time. Gas price will be linked to the International market which rises over time (as do all fossil fuels) and the extraction and burning of Gas destroys the environment. Not to mention Solar Thermal provides more jobs, more opportunities and can put South Australia on the map as a world leader in renewable energy.
Goal $ 900.00
100% towards our goal
$ 925.00 raised
Tammy Sahlberg
$ 25.00
Supporting Michael Kubler and the campaign - well done!
Michael Kubler
$ 500.00
Donating $500 to my own walk, on top of the thousands of dollars worth of camera gear I'm buying to properly capture the event.
NextFaze Team
$ 200.00
hope the walk goes well, and it helps raise awareness for solar thermal energy (besides just making swimming pool more swimmable) .
Tamara Otello
$ 50.00
Fantastic effort, Michael :)
$ 50.00
Great work. You proved that you walk the talk.
This campaign is important to me because the future is important to me. Concentrating Solar Thermal provides the type of power which brightens our future. The aim should be for South Australia to be powered 100% by renewables and as we are already ~25% powered by wind, this will get us much closer.

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