A stroll in the sadly un-harnessed sunshine

Soon, the Playford B coal plant in Port Augusta will be shut down. It provides a hefty chunk of SA's power, so it's going to have to be replaced. The AYCC's Walk for Solar is part of a campaign to have it replaced with baseload renewable energy, instead of filthy, filthy gas.
Goal $ 1,250.00
75.6% towards our goal
$ 945.00 raised
S (S)
$ 50.00
Let's get this bidding war going. Shearing!
Adeo McCormack (S)
$ 15.00
I'm sorry Liam, I love your strength-beard so hard, but I have never seen you clean shaven and I need to see it. Good luck!
Lisa Blinco
$ 20.00
Fantastic work Liam! I don't mind if you shear or preserve your beard - you're a great person either way :D
Danielle (P)
$ 50.00
Not enough long beards in this world, and yours is a particularly fine example. No to the shave!!
Lucia (P)
$ 10.00
The logging companies tell us the old growth forest that is Liam's Beard will replenish itself; but at what cost?! Preserve our precious resource for future generations, and the fauna and flora whose life it sustains!
$ 20.00
P - Preserve that beard! I shaved mine 2 weeks ago and instantly wanted to glue the trimmings back on when I saw this strange beardless man looking at me in the mirror. Avoid this happening to you by preserving!
$ 15.00
Preserve that amazing beard!
$ 50.00
Liberate the Chin!
L (S)
$ 50.00
The beard must go!
Isaac Astill
$ 50.00
(S) I dibs giving those baby smooth cheeks a good stroking.
Sophie (P)
$ 25.00
Having a beard is the new not having a beard. All praise the beard.
$ 25.00
S! Let your chin breathe the CO2-free air!
Liam's Grandparents
$ 50.00
Christina Phung
$ 20.00
giving up your beard so that future generations can have a clean and safe environment to live in is awesomeness inspiring.
Mandy (P)
$ 50.00
Beards are a vital part of the complex and sometimes fragile male ego-system!! Who knows what risks removing all beardedness from the Liam will involve. Will he become less thoughtful as there is now no longer any beard to thoughtfully stroke in contempla
The Silent Majority (P)
$ 200.00
In representation of The Silent and Inconveniently Underfunded Majority, I hereby contribute a total sum of Two Hundred Dollars to the Preservation of the Beard of Liam Ellis.
Michael Kubler [S]
$ 100.00
I'm pitching in $100 to have the beard shaved as I think the liberation of the chin will make for some interesting video footage and the money can help make for an even more awesome campaign :)
Luke (P)
$ 15.00
$ 50.00
No Beard No Good No Trim

We have a rare opportunity to do something positive here. We're not just fighting the latest devastation of our environment, we can actually start using an energy source both practical and clean for our mains power. That, in itself, would be a huge reduction in our national emissions, but it's also a chance to show the other states that it can (and should) be done. The alternative is using another fossil fuel, which will necessitate further damage to our environment and farmland.

To help promote this campaign, I'm going to take part in the AYCC's Walk for Solar. We're going to walk from Port Augusta to Adelaide. I know most of you can't come on the walk, and that most of you want to see SA powered by baseload renewables. You can still help this campaign by sponsoring me! I need to raise some money to cover the cost of food, water, safety, etc.

Whatever you can spare would be a big help, and you'd be able to brag to all your friends that you helped bring about those awesome solar thermal towers in Port Augusta.

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