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Every Step Shifting Australia to a Clean Energy Future

My name is Aaron Morellini and I heard about this program through Beyond Zero Emissions. A group I first saw at the Sydney Town Hall presenting a possible plan that can change Australia to 100% renewable energy in 10 years. At the time, I was studying Climate Change in class, and while my classes were rather bleak, I was ecstatic to see a plan examining the science and economics behind such a turning to 100% renewable energy and showing how it will be beneficial for our society in so many ways.
Goal $ 1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,100.00 raised
$ 15.00
Go Aaron, go :-)
$ 5.00
all the best~Aaron bravo!
$ 250.00
Good luck Aaron!
Thao Tran (Tina)
$ 25.00
Australia is lucky to have you Aaron! Support from France. Hopefully my country will also decide to replace the nuclear plant by clean, renewable and sustainable energy in the near future, I hope. ;) :) :) Cheers, Thao
$ 60.00
Good on you and hope you have a wonderful time.
Simple Conveyancing
$ 150.00
$ 10.00
Cheers Buddy! Thanks for this donation!
John H
$ 50.00
Its great to see that you are making a difference, Well done. oh yeah and when are you up for some guitar heroes?????
$ 25.00
Congratulations Aaron! Such an amazing achievement, supporting you all the way.

For a quick spiel click here!

This September, alongside 100 other people from around Australia, I will be walking 325km over 2 weeks to support the Repower Port Augusta Campaign. We will walk from Port Augusta (the proposed site for a large scale Solar Thermal plant) to the Adelaide Parliament house (where we will campaign for renewable energy in front of the parliamentarians).

Repower Port Augusta proposes to replace 2 existing coal plants with concentrated solar thermal plants (CST). These coal plants produce 30-40% of South Australia’s energy. Creating thousands of jobs to a town that will otherwise be deserted if the coal plants are not replaced. The townspeople are excited for the CST plants and the bright future it gives their small town (no pun intended). After a vote across the town, 99% voted in favour of CST plants of gas plants. For a good demonstration on how CST works, please check this out

This campaign is important for me for a few reasons:
- It spreads awareness of Renewable Energy in Australia and its viability. 100% renewable energy is possible, the technology is there and waiting, and I look forward to this event spreading awareness that the myths about Renewable Energy are wrong.
- It weakens the monopoly the coal industry has on the energy market so we can make some positive steps towards solving climate change
- Renewable energy has the ability to lower electricity bills, as extra coal plants do not need to be turned on during peak hour periods.
- The people of Port Augusta currently have 50% higher rates of lung cancer than the rest of South Australia, so a clean energy source is very exciting.
- If gas plants are used to replace the coal plants, this will encourage the coal seam gas industry."

Please join with me on this issue and let’s become the global leader in Solar Thermal Energy.

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